Property Inc is one of South Africa’s well known valuation firms whose property portfolio has a total market value of more than R500 million annually. These properties include shopping centres, agricultural property, houses, non-residential property, and bare dominium.

Property Inc’s pioneering work in the field of property valuation includes:

  • Capitalisation-rate estimates: The development of regression models to estimate the standard capitalisation rates of office and industrial properties, and more recently shopping centres.
  • House Valuations: The Comparable Market Sales method and application of multiple-regression techniques to value houses in SA.
  • The Opportunity Cash Flow (OCF) Method: This method is used for determining the market value of income-producing properties, using a combination of capitalisation and discounting methods and it incorporates the difference between contractual and open market rentals, quantified by means of the OCF.

Property Inc’s Consulting valuation approach largely avoids forecasting, which invariably introduces a significant measure of subjectivity.
Evidence of the authority of Property Inc Consulting is in the market place is that Property Inc Consulting is often requested to evaluate the valuations compiled by competitors.

We strive to offer complete property and asset valuation reports for commercial and residential categories.

Using scientific methods and not forecasting:

Our valuation services are underpinned by the rigorous surveying of market rental levels and capitalisation rates to ensure uniform and web realistic market valuations in South Africa. Our valuations approach largely avoids forecasting and subjectivity by using capitalisation-rate estimates based on regression models and techniques, and the opportunity cash flow (OCF) method. It thus combines discounting and capitalisation.

Portfolio of valuation services:

  • Shopping Centres
  • Development Projects
  • Agricultural Property Valuations
  • Commercial and Industrial Valuations
  • Bare Dominium
  • Fixed and Loose Asset Valuations
  • Estate Late Assessments
  • Insurance Valuations
  • Rental Valuations

Valuation of all types of assets for:

  • Purchase/Selling
  • Mortgage Finance
  • Financial Reporting
  • Divorce
  • Taxation
  • Legal Disputes
  • Liquidations
  • Investors
  • SARS
  • Property Portfolio Owners
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